Love The Girl Who Loves To Travel, But Leave Her Wild

Photo by  Roberto Nickson  on  Unsplash

Love her for the untamed mess she is – the way her hair falls naturally and her skin has been kissed by the sun and left with scars from stories that will make her smile to tell. Love her for the thrill she craves and the way her eyes light up when she talks about the world. Love her for the way she always sees the good in people and her magnetic charm that always draws strangers in. Love her for the free spirit she is, and don't ever try to change her.

Love her for the way she lights up your life and how she's always taking risks. Love her for the adventure she brings you and how loving her is not like anything else you've ever experienced. Love her for her – every messy, unkempt natural part of her that make her into the imperfect woman she is.

Loving a girl who loves to travels can be hard from time to time but even the girl who loves the road wants someone to call home. 

She won't always be easy to love, even though she will be worth it. She's independent and tough as hell, she's seen things she couldn't believe. She's been lost in the woods, rode motorbikes through the mountains, slept in dirty hostels and trains, tried repeatedly to speak in broken English and navigated her way through cities with street signs she can't read.

The thing about the girl who travels is she's born for leaving – and you have to accept that when you love her. As much as she craves adventure, adventure craves her. 

She isn't meant to stay in one place. She was meant to roam, to wander, to impact others and share moments of her life with people from all over the world. 

Her heart is always longing for more and you can't change that – you shouldn't try to change that because trying to change that is trying to change the person you fell for. You have to love her but leave her wild. You have to let her leave her mark on the world. You have to let her go and trust she will come back. 

The girl who travels is always going to want more out of life and you have to understand that isn't a bad thing. When she leaves she doesn't mean to hurt you but she has to go because she's always itching for more. 

She's trying her best to make it work – to satisfy her wanderlust and continue living out her dreams while making you a happy man. She's come to realize that travel and love don't have to be mutually exclusive but she needs someone in her life who understands that as well. She needs someone who will jump on the plane with her sometimes or at least be there to drop her off and pick her up. 

She needs someone who will support her, who will hold her hand along the way, who will give her the confidence she needs when she's questioning herself. She needs someone who understands her when she says, "I love you but I have to go." She needs someone who encourages her and is honest with her. She needs someone who will love her through it all. She needs someone who doesn't try to change what makes her her; someone who will love her but leave her wild. 

Love the girl who travels because as complicated as it might be at times, it will be the best damn ride you ever take in your life. Love the girl who travels and your life will never be the same – it will be better for knowing her.


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