Love Her For The Wild, Adventurous Soul She Is

Photo by  Taylor Leopold  on  Unsplash

Love her for the way she is before her morning coffee when you're awake before the sun to hit the road for another adventure. Love her for the sleepy smile she has while she's saying how tired she is as she lifts her mug up to her lips. Love her as she's going over everything she needs to bring and for asking you if you have everything, too. 

Love her for being the best shotgun rider as you're heading down the highway to unseen destinations with the wind blowing through her hair and her favorite road trip playlist on the radio. Love her for the way she nods her head and dances next to you in the passenger seat with a smile that lights up your entire world.

Love her for the adventurous soul she is, how she's always pulling you to new destinations with her. Love her for the way she lights up when you pull off the road to check out a new view. Love her for the way she gets excited about finding good flight deals. Love her for all the little things that fill her adventurous heart.

This girl is a beautiful, wild, adventurous soul and she is meant to be loved the way she is. Don't try to change her or make her into who you want her to be. If you don't love her for who she is, every little piece of her, she is not yours to love.

Girls like her are meant to be loved wild. Do not try to change her, to restrict her from the open road. Do not hold her back and try to stop her from spreading her wings. Girls like her crave adventure, new landscapes, new mountains to hike, new roads to drive, new people to converse with. She needs to be surrounded by like-minded humans and to wander without restriction. 

Love her for all she is and all she isn't because she is wildly wonderful just the way she is.

Love her for her independence, her never-ending need to explore and her kind heart. Love her for the photos she wants to take and the coffee she needs in arms reach. Love her for the amount you've grown since she entered your life. Love her for the impact she's having on your world and the world around her.

Love her for the way she lights up the world and how compassionate she is. Love her when she shows you her favorite spots and shares her dreams with you. Love her when she sees a place she's been dreaming of her whole life for the first time. Love her for wanting you to be by her side while she experiences these things.

Love this magnificent girl for the wild, adventurous soul she is.

Love her, but keep her wild. 

Becca MartinComment