Get to Know Our Brand Ambassador Cydney White!

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Our Brand Ambassadors here at Drifting Gypsies are the backbone of our community. Finding others who connect with us and share our companies passions has really impacted our brand in the best way, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of them from all the amazing content they create to their kind words. We want to give them the recognition they deserve by featuring our long-time ambassadors on our blog!

First up is our longest brand ambassador, Cydney White. Cydney has been following Drifting Gypsies since we went live and we love her (and her pup Oscar) just so damn much! We interviewed Cydney to find out about her passions, her perfect adventures and about her best pal, Oscar.

Where are you located?

I am from a super small town in North Carolina called Pleasant Garden. I go to college at Western Carolina University in the smoky mountains in Cullowhee, NC!

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What is your favorite piece of Drifting Gypsies clothing that you own?

Oh man, I love them all! Honestly, my favorite is just the plain DG shirt. It’s what really gets people asking, “Oh what is that? Where is that from?” and gives me the opportunity to tell people about Drifting Gypsies! I own the ‘love her but leave her wild’ crew neck, bear tank top, and DG shirt because they’re so cute! It gets chilly here in the mountains and so the crew neck is perfect for keeping warm! I got the DG shirt for summer because it is so comfy and I can wear it with anything. The bear tank is also so cute and I LOVE bears!

What’s your favorite activity to do outside?

Hike or swim! I love, love to hike because I grew up doing it with my dad and my dog loves it. It’s a bonding thing for my dad and me to talk about and adventure to new places. Also, swimming in any body of water is so much fun to me and has always drawn me in. I’m not sure why considering I didn’t learn how to swim until I was literally 12 ha ha. It’s just a good time and really fun!

Describe your perfect adventure?

My perfect adventure would be just getting my Eno (Double Nest Hammock), backpack and hiking a little bit of the Uwharrie trail with my Dad and two dogs. It’s fun, exciting and cheap!

What are your hobbies?

Plants! I have so many and my mom has passed down so much knowledge of them to me it’s crazy. I love flowers, succulents, trees, literally everything.

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We have to say the picture with Oscar wearing a Drifting Gypsies shirt has been a highlight for us, can you tell us a little bit more about Oscar?

Oscar is my best friend and just the motivation I need to be responsible and get outside to explore. He’s always down for adventure and trusts me so much. I love him and will honestly never love another dog the same. He’s wonderful.

Anything else you think we should know about you?

I’m an elementary school teacher and I want to travel the world and teach in different countries. I want to immerse myself in their cultures and teach them about mine. Then I want to come back to the US and teach these kiddos here about all the other awesome kids around the world.


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