Four Tips for Traveling With Your Furry Companion


I would say that my dog and I are co-dependent. You usually don’t see one without the other and when I quit my full-time job to take my masters and writer full-time, we became even closer.

But to be honest with you, there are times when he drives me crazy and that is usually doubled when we’re taking a road trip together. While I can’t ever imagine going on a road trip without him, I’ve found that there have been a lot of trial and errors with how to make the trip with Roscoe go smoothly. Here are four tips on how to make your road trip with your furry pal.

Always Bring A Water Dish & A Lot of Water Bottles

I found Roscoe drinks more when he’s cooped up in the car all day. I’ve made the mistake time and time again where I get a 500ml bottle and then he chugs it two hours into an eight-hour road trip. Now, it’s safe to say that 500ml’s would work for a smaller dog or a pup who doesn’t have too thick of a coat, but my dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Whatever dog you have, you need to make sure you have the right amount of water for the length of the trip!  

Bring Extra Food or Know Where to Get More

Roscoe has taught me that even though he’s cute, he has a very touchy immune system that’s thrown off by any food change. I learned the hard way when I picked up a cheap version of the food he usually eats, that then resulted in a trip to the vet to get some allergy medications. Always ensure you know where you can get your pet’s specific brand of food because in most cases, it does matter!

Make Frequent Stops, Not Just for Bathroom Breaks

I always make quick bathroom breaks for Roscoe to make sure he’s not busting to pee in the backseat. What I didn’t realize though, is that Roscoe also needs breaks to just stretch his legs. Animals need a chance to move around and not be cooped up. That might be common knowledge, but there are times when we really want to get to where we’re going without thinking about the fact that our pets really need to get some fresh air. And probably a break from our carpool karaoke.

Find Pet Friendly Restaurants and Rest Stops

Knowing where you can grab a bite with your four-legged friend is always a good idea. There are different places around that will let you sit on the patio with your pup. There’s also rest stops that are geared towards pets! If you can map out different stops where you can also get a bite to eat, then it’s definitely a win!

These are just a few tips that could make your life easier when you’re on the road with your furry friend.