A Journey Into The Great Outdoors Can Heal Your Soul

Photo by  Chad Madden  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Nature has this beautiful blessing of being able to heal even the deepest of wounds. Usually, these are the wounds that are below the surface and invisible to the naked eye. Those are the ones that hurt and affect us the most. Many people numb the pain by turning to the world’s guilty pleasures, but let me be the one to tell you that there is nothing more nurturing to your soul than a journey into the great outdoors.

Escape to the mountains. Immerse yourself in the saltwater of an open ocean. Find a quiet place void of any streetlights or light pollution, lie down on the grass and wonder at the twinkling stars and the marvelous galaxies before your eyes. Wake up before the crack of dawn and catch the sunrise atop the highest hill you can find.

Go to the rooftop of the highest building or skyscraper you know in the late hours of the night and hear your own heart beat in your ears as you watch the quiet city peaceful in their slumber. Pick a destination along the highway, roll down the windows, put on your favorite playlist and pedal to the medal on the accelerator. Feel the wind rush past your ears as it throws your hair back.

Find a remote bush land and pitch a tent. Build a bonfire. Draw in the sand and stargaze with eager eyes as you wait for a glimpse of a shooting star. Lose track of time and let the Sun tell you the hours of the day as it hovers and dips around the horizon. Mesmerize in the beauty of golden hour as everything around you is dipped in a rich, golden dew of rays. Go deep in the bushes and follow a trail to hike, or deliberately go off trail to see what hidden treasures you can find.

Notice the birds chirp around you, notice the rustling of leaves as insects and animals scramble away from you as they are nervous by your presence. Stand on the edge of a high cliff and marvel at how far the horizon stretches before you and make note of the questions that arise in your head about your existence and significance in this world.

The great outdoors doesn’t have to be somewhere far or grandiose. You’d be surprised at all the remote gems you can find close to your neighborhood, or all the little pockets of paradise you can immerse yourself into that gives your mind the mental cleanse and restoration it so desperately needs. Nature is blissfully restoring in that it is so colossal that it makes you feel tiny and insignificant when you come face to face with the infinite reality of the world’s beauty.

The beautiful lull of the ocean’s waves, or the sparkle of the twinkling stars or the green purity among a forest is enough to realize that the world’s problems are caused by the chaos that is going on in your mind. You will walk out of your adventure feeling less burdened and lighter than before.