Always Remember Those Wild, Carefree & Slow Moments

Photo by  Jed Villejo  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

The simpler days. The golden days. The days seemed so short and not long enough… The days were wild and carefree.. They were slower. Was it because of our young age and lack of responsibility? Or was it our mindset? Maybe it was both. But if it was both, isn’t possible to take one half of that equation and use it in our lives today? Why can’t we live today, right now, slow, carefree, and wild? It’s all in our mindset.

Maybe it’s frowned upon as an adult. To live “wildly”. Maybe we shouldn’t live carefree due to the daily demands of an adult… children, pets, work, bills, health… the list goes on. But it’s all about balance. Maybe we had more energy back then and our aging and experience has softened our souls?

That’s where I want to think differently… that’s where I beg to non-conform. That’s where I decide I want to stay a child forever.

Okay, maybe I can’t stay a child forever... I have to adult every now and then! But I can definitely have an inner child. I don’t think my inner child ever went away, it just hid every so often. It stands aside and lets my adult persona take over the daily demands.

And that’s where the outdoors comes into play. Nature, the mountains… It’s my playground for my inner child. My endless playground. The outdoors reminds me to be wild, carefree, to live slow. Snowboarding? In the trees I can be as wild as I want to be. Camping? In the empty, wide open spaces, I am carefree. Hiking? I take it slow towards the gorgeous summit views.

I feel as though wild and carefree can easily be obtained. Slow is the tricky one. When I see something beautiful… I stop to stare. I stop to revel in it. I appreciate it. I notice how it makes me feel and I try to remember that feeling. One too many times I have seen people rush by beauty.

Another way I live slow? Pictures. My mind moves a mile a minute with so many thoughts and feelings, the past and the present, the future… a camera helps me slow down. A camera captures the exact moment I need years from now in order to look back and say, “Yeah, I lived a wild, carefree, slow life.” One adventure is never enough. It must be constant before I lose my mind. With so many places and faces that are acquainted with new revelations and refreshing feelings, I have to take pictures. I have to capture the moment, make it still for that moment, and that moment is allowed to live forever. Years from now, my children and I can look back and relive that moment, if only for a little. Relive it and remind ourselves how we want, how we should, live. Wild, carefree… most importantly, slow.

Life moves fast. If you don’t stop to smell the flowers, both literally and figuratively, it’ll be over before you know it. How are you living today? Get outside to check your mindset, take your time, and take as many pictures as possible.