Car Decal / Sticker

Car Decal / Sticker


We ordered car decals, but they’re black so the mesh with tinted windows, SO you can think of these as giant Drifting Gypsies stickers (whoops! lesson learned!) Anyways, get yourself a window decal if you have lightly tinted windows or a giant sticker for where ever!

We have an option where the peaks of the mountain is filled in white white or not! (see mirror pictures for white peaks!)

To apply: Peel off the back layer of the sticker. Then press the entire front against the surface you want to put the sticker on. Use your thumb (or credit card) and rub the area with the sticker against the surface then slowly peel off the front of the sticker.

If you are ONLY purchasing sticker(s) use code: STICKERSHIPPING at checkout for free shipping! CODE NOT VALID WITH OTHER ITEMS!

White Peaks?:
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