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Voyage Denver

“As women, we’re taught to not be assertive and not make any ripples. When it comes to dealing with suppliers and customer complaints, sometimes we’re quick to go into people pleasing mode. If a supplier has messed up our inventory and tries to blame us or a customer is being unreasonably rude, then it’s OK to stick up for yourself. Being confident in what you’re doing is so important and not letting anything influence what you want for your business. Getting advice is cool but don’t let someone try to talk you out of something you really believe in with your company.“


Girl outdoor magazine

"Each month on Girl Outdoor Magazine we catch up with awesome people impacting our world. This month it's the turn of Becca Martin and Alex Brown from outdoor-inspired adventure apparel Drifting Gypsies. We chat dogs and outdoor adventures."


Tales from the Thrift Shop

"If you love to travel or even just love the idea of living freely, Drifting Gypsies is the clothing line for you. The brand encapsulates everything that traveling means into select clothing items. It allows you to wear that feeling wherever you go — no matter how big or small the journey.

It’s not just about the look though. Drifting Gypsies is about being a part of something bigger than yourself, whether that’s traveling or just supporting the women. It doesn’t hurt that the designs are comfy and on-trend, either."