Hey there! 

We're Becca & Alex – the creators of Drifting Gypsies. We are a Colorado-based company, 

We believe life is too short to stay in one place, there's no mountain too high and every day is a good day for aN adventure.

Our apparel is inspired by fresh mountain air, open roads and evergreens.  

Stay wild & wander, y'all. We're glad you're here.  

Who We Are...


Becca Martin 

Hi! I'm Becca – a central NY girl who moved out west and is obsessed with Now being able to call denver, colorado home. i'm always down for long drives to the mountains and hanging with dogs. I live for breakfast food, pups, road trips, camping, hot springs and, of course, mountains. 


Alex Brown 

Alex was born with itchy feet and her need to explore the world has led her to a lot of interesting places. Originally from the East Coast of Canada, she now resides in Calgary, Alberta after spending the last nine months in the UK. She has lived in New Zealand, Florida and different parts of Canada. Alex wants to instill the passion of travel in everyone and inspire them to give back wherever they go in whatever way possible.